District Roofing

District Roofing is a roof replacement and repair business based out of Northern Virginia and offers all roofing related services to residential clients. Customer satisfaction is their number 1 goal, and they’ll get roofing projects completed either through working directly with retail customers or by working directly with their insurance providers. Their business is fully involved in communities, and they proactively look for opportunities to give back to neighborhoods and communities who they work with closely. Curly Bit supported District Roofing to design their website from scratch. The colors as well as the look and feel on the website aligns well with client’s expectations and what they were looking for in a newly designed website. Curly Bit is in the process of improving the rankings of keywords related to their roofing business through its Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service which will ultimately increase traffic to their site and the number of leads generated for their roofing services in Northern Virginia.

Category: Real Estate
Date: May 1, 2023