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Do you want to grow your business in Maryland through search engine optimization?

Discover Curly Bit, a premier Maryland SEO agency. With over a decade of experience providing digital marketing services in the DMV area, we have a deep understanding of how to effectively promote local businesses through SEO and other digital marketing channels. If you own a local business in Maryland and want to learn how SEO can help you grow, keep reading!

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, involves a range of ongoing tactics both on and off your website to improve your search engine ranking for relevant queries in Maryland and your other service area. These tactics can include technical optimization like improving page load speed, or non-technical optimization like writing compelling content that appeals to your target audience. Trust us to help your business stand out online anytime someone looks for your services in Maryland!

How Can SEO Help Your Business In Maryland To Grow?

Google, like any other software, aims to provide the best user experience by returning the most relevant information. To achieve this, its algorithms consider over 200 factors and signals, such as the words of the query, the relevance and usefulness of pages, the expertise of sources, and the location and settings of the user. SEO helps your website meet the criteria set by Google’s algorithms, leading to a higher ranking in search results. Additionally, SEO increases the visibility of your website when people in Maryland search for the products or services that you offer.

Maryland SEO

If you’re a business owner in Maryland and want your website to rank at the top of search results when potential customers search for your products or services, then SEO is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Ready to take action? answer these 7 simple SEO onboarding questions:

Maryland SEO Campaign Overview

Here’s a high-level overview of our SEO process for your business in Maryland:


Discovery Call

Initially, we arrange a telephone conversation to familiarize ourselves and gather information about your offerings, products, and the regions you serve. During this call, we aim to comprehend your aspirations and necessities, including the objectives they aim to attain through their investment in SEO. This call serves as an excellent chance for both of us to evaluate if our partnership is feasible and if SEO aligns with your goals and needs.



We schedule a meeting where we present a customized proposal, tailored specifically for you, that effectively highlights the significance of SEO for your company. The proposal includes our suggestions, solutions, and the precise cost for fulfilling your unique requirements and objectives.


Onboarding & Kickoff Call

At the initiation of the SEO campaign, we schedule a short telephone call to welcome you and provide an overview of your Google drive, where all the SEO advancements are documented. This call also involves a discussion on the following steps of the campaign.


Keyword Research

The initial stage of your SEO campaign involves constructing a database of keywords. Our team identifies and evaluates relevant keywords and phrases related to your particular topic or industry in order to identify the most optimal keywords to target. This research encompasses analyzing the search volume, competition, and search intent to determine which keywords have the greatest potential to attract relevant traffic and result in conversions.


Technical & SEO Content Audit

We carry out a thorough examination of your website's technical setup and content to detect and fix any technical problems or content deficiencies that may be obstructing search engine optimization (SEO) results. This examination enables us to uncover every SEO opportunity present in your specific circumstances.


Optimize Technical Performance

We improve your website's technical infrastructure to boost performance and the user experience. This can encompass measures such as speeding up the website, fixing broken links, making the site mobile-friendly, and enabling search engines to navigate and index the site's content with ease.


Optimize Existing Content

Many websites have a vast potential for SEO success, which is why we concentrate our initial efforts on enhancing and refining existing assets. This may include editing and revamping current content to guarantee that it is up-to-date, precise, and valuable to the user.


Create New SEO-Driven Content

With the aim of boosting topical significance and expanding your keyword reach, we create SEO-oriented content around new keyword ideas. This ongoing effort throughout the campaign targets attracting relevant traffic to the site, leading to higher conversions and revenue.

Why Choose Us For SEO in Maryland:


Our team of SEO professionals has in-depth knowledge in the field and constantly updates themselves with the newest industry developments and most effective methods.

Customized Approach

Our approach to SEO is personalized, we assess your business and website to create a customized plan that aligns with your specific requirements and objectives.


Our priority is to produce outcomes and we rely on data-backed insights to continuously enhance and optimize your return on search engine optimization investment.

Transparent Reporting

We offer clear and frequent updates on your website’s optimization progress, so you are always aware of what is working and what we are working on to improve next.


Our SEO service is created to offer maximum value at an affordable cost, ensuring that you get the highest return on investment from your marketing budget.

We Are Local!

Our extensive experience working with businesses in Maryland has provided us with valuable insight into the local market, making us a knowledgeable advisor for your marketing needs.


We Offer The Latest Technologies for Search Engine Optimization


Get the best service through our SEO experts and computer engineers. If you are looking for someone who can drive organic and qualified traffic to your site that will convert into actual leads through leveraging SEO techniques, don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide free consultation.