Let Us Target Your State, City, Or Even Neighborhood With Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an innovative advertising model provided by search engines such as Google. The PPC campaign is triggered against specific keywords searched in search engines and they show your website in the search results based on the typed keywords. When someone clicks on your sponsored ad and gets to your website, you end up paying Google a certain amount which is called Cost Per Click (CPC).



Keyword Research

We do proper keyword research based on the needs of your business and the services or products you’d like to promote. Our experts identify competitive keywords and bid on them competitively so that you get the best results. This approach is not about identifying the cheapest keywords, but rather it is about identifying the best feasible keywords to generate the best results and to drive qualified traffic to your website.

Refine Your Landing Pages Content

After selecting suitable keywords, we refine your landing pages according to the selected keywords. Our expert SEO writers revise the content on your landing pages to create relevant content for your visitors. Furthermore, landing pages are modified and a specific call to action (form or phone number) is added on the landing pages to generate leads.

Run a PPC Campaign for You Based on Selected Keywords

We run a proper goal oriented PPC campaign against a set of well-researched keywords. There are techniques that need to be applied to run a proper goal oriented and result based PPC campaign. We have our own secret sauce for applying these techniques.

Analyze Your Existing PPC Campaign

We analyze your existing PPC campaigns thoroughly. We check the best performing and worst performing keywords and we generate a detailed reports pointing out the flaws along with providing expert suggestions to improve your PPC campaign.

Add Keywords to Your Existing PPC Campaign

If you are already running a PPC campaign, we are going to improve the campaign by adding more valuable and selective keywords to make them more effective.

Add Keywords to Your Existing PPC Campaign

If you have a working application with a large-based audience and you are planning to create a beta version for it to compete against your competitors we are here to help you to accomplish your business goals with experienced technicians. We can apply complete competitional analysis and development patterns for your mobile application development.

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Best Keywords for Your PPC Campaign

The most important factor to drive a successful PPC campaign is the bids placed on keywords selected which ultimately turn into Cost Per Clicks for the ads th