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Digital marketing isn’t just about driving traffic to a website, it’s about delivering measurable results that drive growth for your business.

Curly Bit is a digital marketing agency based in Washington DC with more than a decade of experience, which serves small and mid-size businesses facing online presence challenges. We offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions to help businesses and organizations in Washington DC and across the globe connect with their target audiences and generate more revenue. We use the latest tools and techniques in a variety of digital marketing channels including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to accomplish your marketing objectives. Whether your intention is increasing website traffic, improving website engagement, generating leads, building brand awareness, increasing online sales and revenue, boosting offline sales, or improving customer retention, our team can help you!

Washington DC digital marketing agency

We consider ourselves our client’s partner and firmly believe our success is achieving your marketing goals!

Our Top Digital Marketing Services

As one of the top-rated digital marketing agencies in Washington DC, we are proud to offer a wide range of solutions to meet your needs.

Our SEO strategy increases qualified traffic to your website that will convert into leads by improving the ranking of your site.

We offer the latest technologies for PPC and display Ads services near you.

We have a team of Social Media Marketing experts with in-depth knowledge related to Social Media platforms.

How We Approach Your Digital Marketing Needs


Defining Your Target Audience

Our approach begins with establishing a close relationship with you to understand your business model, services, products, serving areas, and the lifetime value of your customers.


Setting SMART Goals

We identify your marketing goals among increasing website traffic, improving website engagement, generating leads, building brand awareness, increasing online sales and revenue, boosting offline sales, or improving customer retention.


Researching Your Competition

We study what your competition is doing in the digital space to find opportunities to gain an edge over your competitors.


Choosing Right Channels

We select a combination of the most suitable digital marketing channels (i.e. SEO, PPC, social media, etc.) to meet your goals.


Implementing and Optimizing

When it's time to put it into action, we create/update your website, setup and configure your marketing channels, and publish content.


Measuring and analyzing

We track and analyze various metrics such as website traffic, lead generation, conversion rates, social media engagement, and revenue to make data-driven decisions about which parts of your strategy are working well and which need to be improved.


Continuously Improving

With the data and insights we gather, we continuously improve your marketing campaign and adjust objectives if necessary.



On a monthly based we report back to you the progress indications such as impressions, clicks, traffic, number of leads, and conversion rate.

We Specialized In Promoting Local Businesses In

Our Washington DC digital marketing agency is confident to grow your local business

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We can help!

  • Are you looking for a specific type of digital marketing service?
  • Do you realize the urgency of online presence for your business but you’re not sure how?
  • Are you seeking a long-lasting marketing strategy?
  • Does your brand-new small business need a boost?
  • Does your business profile not appear in the Google local pack?
  • Do the marketing terms “SEM”, “SEO”, “PPC” or “LSA” confuse you?
  • Do your competitors receive a higher share of the online market?
  • Do you feel like the traffic on your website does not convert to qualified leads?
  • Do you need a marketing strategy for brand awareness?
  • Are you looking for the best return on investment from your marketing budget?


You are simply looking for a trusted long-term partner who can take over all the marketing work for you!

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