About Curly Bit

Your Trusted Digital Marketing Partner

Curly Bit is a leading digital marketing agency based out of the Washington DC metropolitan area serving small and mid-size businesses in DC, Maryland, Virginia, and around the globe that face online presence challenges. We are a team of experts in SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and more, dedicated to creating customized digital marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. We have more than a decade of experience in helping businesses and organizations reach their target audiences. Curly Bit is led by software engineers with graduate-level education who possess extensive knowledge in the realm of digital technology.


Our mission is to empower small and mid-size businesses to thrive in the digital world. We craft tailored strategies that drive measurable results for our clients. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and results to our clients, building long-term partnerships, and fostering an inclusive and innovative culture within our team.

Why Curly Bit?

We Are Result Oriented

Our mission is to deliver tangible results for your business, such as increased website traffic, more leads, or more sales.

We Deliver Cutting-Edge Solutions

We use the latest technologies, techniques, and strategies to stay ahead of industry trends.

We Rely on Data-Driven Approach

We base our work on data and analytics to inform and optimize your campaigns, as well as your ability to measure and report on the results.

We Offer Cost-Effective Solutions

Being a small agency ourselves with minimal overhead, we’re able to offer cost-effective solutions for other small businesses.

We Are One Phone Call Away

We establish a close relationship with our clients. Unlike other agencies, you won’t need to go through a painful process to get support. We are one phone call away!

We can help!

  • Are you looking for a specific type of digital marketing service?
  • Do you realize the urgency of online presence for your business but you’re not sure how?
  • Are you seeking a long-lasting marketing strategy?
  • Does your brand-new small business need a boost?
  • Does your business profile not appear in the Google local pack?
  • Do the marketing terms “SEM”, “SEO”, “PPC” or “LSA” confuse you?
  • Do your competitors receive a higher share of the online market?
  • Do you feel like the traffic on your website does not convert to qualified leads?
  • Do you need a marketing strategy for brand awareness?
  • Are you looking for the best return on investment from your marketing budget?


You are simply looking for a trusted long-term partner who can take over all the marketing work for you!

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